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Design a hostel identity from scratch. Starting with a logo and photography, website and online bookings to search engine optimization and a strong web presence. Finally adding print media, bespoke print ads and T-shirts...

The complete package... Photography, web design, poster boards and flyers, T-shirts and online presence management.

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With Monkey Island hostel we started from the ground up, armed with only a camera we set out to Koh Rong...The brief was as complex as it was simple... Here's the name... Do the rest...

We knew a strong web presence and the ability to book bungalows online would set Monkey Island apart from the crowd, especially in the early stages, so that's where we started.

We designed the website and refined an online booking process initially before focusing on print media and publication adverts.

For a while we even managed to re-brand Koh Rong as Monkey Island.

Going forward, we constantly kept on top of emerging online services like Instagram and Pinterest to make sure Monkey Island maintained an edge.

With a place like Koh Rong, making beautiful prints and posters wasn't too tricky. In fact it wasn't much like work at all...

We worked with the local and national print guides to get the word out:

  • The Sihanoukville Advertiser
  • The Coastal Guide
  • The Canby Guide

We continue to manage the web presence, making sure that people who want to go to Koh Rong find Monkey Island without any hassle.

We also created bespoke maps and artwork that was used as advertising in Sihanoukville and around Cambodia, we like to find new ways to reach potential audiences for our clients.

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