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Measure twice, cut once is the age old adage... And it's true! A proper set of drawings for any project - be it a small building renovation to a custom made office desk... We've got it covered. Our team is proficient in Auto Cad, technical drawings and 3D visual software, working closely with selected professionals such as engineers and quantity surveyors we can create a complete set of technical drawings and provide full project management for small to medium size projects.

architectural dessign and interior design project management in phnom penh

We use the latest design software and employ experienced western/local construction specialists to ensure a speedy and professional build or rennovation

The brief was to design a beach resort that would bring people together, create an atmosphere all by itself. Make the most of the stunning views and make the Mad Monkey Hostel Group's customers want to stay another day.

A site survey, a pen, sketch pad and vision was all our team arrived with. Then back to the office to make the vision come alive on screen with a full set of architectural drawings.

Of course we understand that customers needs and vision change as the project progresses. We ensure that we stay ahead of the game so that all changes happen on paper and not by knocking down walls or moving expensive fixtures and fittings.

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Remote locations throw up an extra set of challenges, labor accommodation and even down to making sure your workforce can eat. We've undertaken tasks on:

  • Koh Rong (Monkey Island)
  • Koh Rong Samloem (The Mad Monkey Hostel Group)
  • Ream National Park (Monkey Maya)

At Ream National park we also had the added responsibility of making as little impact on the site and environment as possible during construction.

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Building and resort design/renovation isn't all our team can handle. We also design and create custom furniture and handle interior design projects for both retail environments and residential clients.

Our team can take your ideas, sketches or scribbles and turn them into millimeter perfect technical drawings to architectural specifications or 3D models.

We can also provide professional advice at the point of concept - having a second opinion is never a bad idea.

For more details on technical drawings, 3D design, interior design or project management - Drop us a line on our Contact page.

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