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Custom T - Shirts are the perfect way to get your brand noticed by the right people and in the right places.

We've got you covered :

  • Short runs & one off's
  • Bulk orders
  • Large multi-color prints, front & back
  • Sizes ranging from S to XXXL
  • Variety of colours & styles

We can cater for any budget and any size order, custom fit T's aren't an issue either.

We believe in making things look good, not just slapping crappy logos on bad quality T's... Let us take care of the design and print process for you - Once you've gone BLK you'll never go back...

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Ride Kampuchea Moto Club

Monkey Republic (Sihanoukville)

For more details on T - Shirt printing or request a quote - Drop us a line on our Contact page.

Ugly Mug Coffee Co (Concept)

Monkey Island (Koh Rong)

One off, short runs or large scale orders... We keep all designs and printing screens on hand.

Charlies (Siem Reap)

The Devil's in the detail...